Messages of Reflection

The hundreds of heartfelt wishes shared with UNC Charlotte, our students, alumni, faculty and staff in person and through cards, letters and social media are very much appreciated. It’s wonderful to be part of such a supportive community. We appreciate your kindness.

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Kitsada Madsourivong

Two years later, as our fellow Niner Nation continues to push through every day enduring the hardships of our current situation, we must never forget the heartbreaking tragedy that took the lives of two and injured four others. I have nothing but my own...

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Tina Lilley

May we never take for granted our time here on earth, and this time that we have together.

May we spend more time with the people we love, and less time worrying about what might never happen.

For each of us, may we look to the past so that we may...

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Hilary Rosenbaum

When the tragic shooting hit UNCC, I was attending my niece’s graduation from the University of Michigan. It was a cold but bright day in the stadium with thousands of undergraduate and graduate students waiting anxiously to begin their new lives after their academic...

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Ami Patel

Tuesday was supposed to be a fun day for us all. You could see students around campus happy that it was the last day of classes. I remember sitting in a computer lab with friends four hours prior to the shooting and just soaking in my last few days as a fellow 49er as I...

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Jessica Miller

It's been three weeks now and I still feel the sadness. Sadness for Reed and Riley, for Rami, for Sean, for Emily, for Drew, for all the students affected, for all the staff, for all the families, friends, alumni, and for many others who have lost sleep and who feel this...

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Kelsey Lane

On April 30th, 2019, my college career and many parts of my life changed forever. I recall the day as being gorgeous and people being excited about the semester coming to a close. Looking back, I felt like that whole night was a movie or a bad dream that was going to end...

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Pascale Fitts

On behalf of the Fitts family, I wish to express not only our support to our wonderful Niner Nation family, but also to articulate our appreciation for the manner in which this event was handled by University officials. We are so proud that our son Jeremie has...

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